Enjoy a cool night sleep on a hirakawa cool gelmat

Over 3 Million Sold World Wide

Over 3.4 Million Hirakawa Gelmats sold World Wide

Over 3 Million Sold World Wide

Innovative eco-friendly products for the home

Over 3 Million Sold World Wide


Almost immediately upon laying down on the Gelmat you can feel the temperature decease several degrees compared to the ambient temperature. Gelmats product

Warm Bed Pads

Warm bed pads are placed on your mattress and will help keep you naturally warm. Unique construction resists cold upward air and traps your body heat. Warm Bed Pads product


Hirakawa comforters are a new generation of comforters that are uniquely designed and filled with special duck feathers. Comforters product

Hirakawa Ventures offers a wide vareity of unique products for the household. Our top selling product is the revolutionary Hirakawa Gelmat. Other popular products available are warm pads for the bed, Gelscarf to stay cool outdoors, and the unique Fitton comforter.

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